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Teacher Ambassador Program: UKITs in the Classroom – Gina Kwid

Introduction Gina Kwid teaches second grade and elementary engineering at Galileo STEM Academy in Eagle, Idaho. She is passionate about STEM education and project based learning. As a Teacher Ambassador with UBTECH Education, she recently shared how she is using the UKITs with her students. Gina’s Classroom: Creating Learning Opportunities with Robotics I was first […]

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The Five Big Ideas in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to a computer system’s ability to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. Typical examples include visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation. AI impacts our daily lives in many ways, from recognizing your face as you open your phone to offering assistance as you shop online. It represents […]

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Teacher Ambassador Program [Q&A] – Brian Wetzel

Brian Wetzel is a 9-12th grade STEM Teacher and UBTECH Teacher Ambassador at Centerburg High School in Centerburg Ohio. Recently, we chatted with Brian to find out a little more about how he implements robotics and STEM in his classroom. Here is a snippet of our chat: In general, what challenges does your school face […]

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Webinar Insights: Robotics ‘Out of the Classroom’

How do you support STEM and robotics outside of the classroom? In this webinar, our team of experts were joined by educator Kenny Bae from UBTECH Education’s Teacher Ambassador Program (TAP) to share his experience utilizing UKITs in camps and afterschool programs. Here were some key takeaways: 1. Virtual robotics camps brings robotics to kids […]

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6 Tips for Teaching Creative Robotics

As both a teaching artist and computer science teacher, I often find myself at the intersection of engineering and creativity. The connections between robotics and creativity have always been clear to me, and I find it’s worth continuing to nurture both an engineering/computer science emphasis and also an artistic/personal expression emphasis when I teach robotics. […]

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UKIT Implementation: Juab School District

In 2019, Juab School District in central Utah applied and received a grant to be an Early Innovator with UBTECH Education. The Early Innovator program was UBTECH’s flagship grant program in which they donated UKITs to districts with the expectation of a two-year implementation. Juab was one of 17 sites around the country that received […]

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