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Applications of AI

uKit AI is an all-encompassing STEM, engineering, robotics, coding, and AI solution designed to introduce innovative technology and curriculum into the classroom. Tailored for students in Grades 3-8, uKit AI scales the UKIT series by providing students with immersive hands-on experiences utilizing enhanced technology that integrates real AI, expanded coding platforms,

Applications of AI is an innovative new approach to teaching the concepts of artificial intelligence. By examining how AI works through commonly used applications and applying learning gains through engaging hands-on activities with robotics and coding students are able to dive into AI through what they already know and use.

Scaffolded through four distinct learning modules, Define AI, Data, Vision and Language – each module is intended to make complicated AI concepts accessible and meaningful.

Flexible AI Module System

Each module is composed of three key lessons that scale: Intro, Interact and Build. This intention makes complicated AI concepts accessible, engaging and applicable to students in elementary and middle school.

In addition to the core modules, uKit AI features a large extension activity library intended to dive deeper into AI concepts with the uKit AI robots. These ‘one-off’ activities are perfect for educators trying to teach specific AI concepts with limited time. Topics include:

  • machine learning
  • neural networks
  • large language models
  • IoT
  • AI and Art

…and many more.

A Unique Approach

With an unique structure Applications of AI follows a non-linear approach encouraging educators to create their own teaching journey based on their level of comfort, time constraints, and subject areas. Pick a module and a lesson and jump right into using the curriculum to immerse your students with AI – all modules are connected yet independent.

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