A high-quality NGSS-designed curriculum—finally!

UKIT’s STEM+C supplemental curriculum makes engineering fun and approachable for teachers and learners.

STEM+C educators need powerful supports to help students excel, but they face significant challenges, UBTECH’s UKITs and NGSS-aligned curriculum* provide supports to address these challenges:

  • We prepare students for the future of work, with limited time and resources
  • We include the Next Generation Science Standards, which require important instructional shifts
  • We address the engineering gaps found in most STEM curricula
  • Our programs are designed for mainstream curriculum implementation rather than limited to after-school clubs and maker spaces

Based on a solid foundation of standards and coherence, our NGSS-aligned curriculum builds student and teacher confidence, inspires curiosity, and flexes to engage all learners. Students leverage advanced science and mathematics concepts to solve real-world problems, learning how technology can enhance the critical and computational thinking process.

The UKIT curriculum infuses robotics into STEM+C subjects and other core programs to reflect the interconnected nature of science as it is practiced and experienced in the real world. Lessons and activities are designed to drive students to think outside the box, organically developing skills and understanding concepts that prepare them for more rigorous and challenging next steps.

*Available in North America only.

Designed with, and by, science curriculum experts

Supports whole-class instruction with differentiation supports

A supplemental program that cross-pollinates science and engineering with core subjects

Scaffolds lessons and coherence across grades

Provides teachers with a roadmap for implementing a robotics program

  • High-quality, robust, NGSS-designed content easily integrates into STEM+C, CTE, and English language arts content blocks
  • 5E lesson plans include relevant background information on each topic, recommended time to budget for a lesson, required materials, and suggested classroom set-up
  • Tools and templates provide a framework for educators to design unique lessons around any UBTECH project

Teacher support, every step of the way

For many classrooms, robotics are a new frontier. Our professional development breaks down the mechanics and demystifies engineering topics to make the technology accessible. Our workshops gives teachers the information, and confidence, they need to launch a robotics curriculum in their classrooms:

  • Incorporate science activities as a way to bolster existing core curricula
  • Lead robotics and engineering instruction built around student discourse
  • Integrate science and engineering vocabulary
  • Facilitate team-based, student-led robotics projects
  • Prompt complex thinking and productive struggle with big-picture questions Best of all, learn how to build, play, and teach with robots

Best of all, learn how to build, play, and teach with robots!

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