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STEM, Engineering, and AI Curriculum

Integrated curriculum for today’s STEM educators and tomorrow’s STEM leaders

Because we know not all implementations are the same, we have created several curriculum offerings to fit your needs. 

  • Looking to teach STEM-related concepts while having students hands-on with the uKits? Take a peek at the Beyond the Classroom, STEM, AI or Spark Starters offerings. 
  • Pressed for time? Set out or project a Spark Starter for an easy-to-implement open-ended challenge! 
  • Ready to introduce your students to the world of artificial intelligence? Our AI Foundations curriculum is a great place to start! 
  • Using the kits in a before-/afterschool timeframe or club? Take a closer look at our Beyond the Classroom curriculum. 
  • Have time to complete a full unit that reinforces NGSS in your classroom? Our STEM Curriculum is ready for you!

Unsure of what would be the best fit? Reach out to our team at [email protected]

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Applications of AI

New curriculum for uKit AI. Centered on teaching the concepts of artificial intelligence by examining how AI works through commonly used applications. Scaffolded through four distinct learning modules and extension activities intended to make complicated AI concepts accessible and applicable to students in grades 3-8. Structured in a non-linear format encouraging educators to create their own teaching journey based on their level of comfort, time constraints, and subject areas.


AI Foundations Curriculum

Give students a relevant, approachable, and hands-on introduction to the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence with the AI Foundations curriculum. Appropriate for any K-12 classroom, this AI curriculum will introduce and reinforce the Five Big Ideas in AI as developed by AI4K12. Please note, that this has been built for virtual and hybrid classrooms with no need for additional hardware.

Learn more about our AI curriculum here.


Beyond the Classroom Curriculum

Utilizing Beginner and Intermediate uKits, this former Camp:ASPIRE curriculum was created for virtual or in-person learning beyond the regular classroom environment. Perfect for camp settings or afterschool programs, each unit includes 10 hours of engineering-focused instruction housed within a teacher guide and an accompanying student-facing slideshow.

Learn more about our Beyond the Classroom curriculum here.


Spark Starters

Activate student-led exploration with uKit Spark Starters. Designed to complement informal learning spaces and timed to fit within single sessions, the Spark Starters include 20 STEM activity prompts that address STEM-forward themes, inspiring students to collaborate, communicate, and create with robots.


STEM Curriculum

Following a 5E lesson structure, NGSS curriculum units invite students to explore science topics such as force and motion, the solar system, and weather, with an integrated STEM learning approach to reflect the interconnected nature of STEM disciplines as they are practiced in the real world.

By building and programming real robots with our uKits and custom software, students get a hands-on way to bring NGSS concepts to life.

Learn more about our STEM curriculum here.