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STEM, Coding, & AI Curricula

Integrated curricula for today’s STEM educators and tomorrow’s STEM leaders

The UBTECH Education curricula introduces and reinforces STEM and AI concepts to make topics like engineering and computer science engaging, accessible, and relevant for all learners.

Our detailed lesson plans provide educators the tools to feel confident when integrating robotics lessons into their instruction, while addressing educational standards. 

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STEM educational curriculum written by experienced classroom educators and content area experts

Curricula aligned to educational standards, ensuring robust, high-quality content

Detailed STEM lesson plans that explore the engineering design process with hands-on robotics projects

Opportunity to support skill progression and vertical alignment across grade levels through STEM and AI lessons

AI Foundations Curriculum - New for 2021!

Give students a relevant, approachable, and hands-on introduction to the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence with the new AI Foundations curriculum.  Appropriate for any K-12 classroom, this all new AI curriculum will introduce and reinforce the Five Big Ideas of AI as developed by AI4K12.

It has been built for virtual, socially-distanced or hybrid classrooms with no need for additional hardware. Learn more about our AI curriculum here.


UKIT NGSS Curriculum - Updates coming soon!

Following a 5E lesson structure, NGSS curriculum units invite students to explore science topics such as force and motion and natural disasters, with an integrated STEM learning approach to reflect the interconnected nature of STEM disciplines as they are practiced in the real world.

By building and programming real robots with our UKITs and custom app, students get a hands-on way to bring NGSS concepts to life.

This curricula pairs perfectly with UKIT Beginner and UKIT Intermediate, and UKIT Advanced grades 3-12.

2021 updates to the UKIT NGSS curriculum include:

  • Expanded and redesigned curriculum for grades 3-5 and 6-8
  • More hands-on UKIT builds to cover new NGSS standards with block-based coding lessons
  • Support for differentiation and cross-curricular connections
  • New unit themes that investigate medical prosthetics, climate change, monitoring systems, space exploration, and more.


JIMU Robot Maker Kit Spark Starters

Activate student-led exploration with JIMU Robot Maker Kit Spark Starters STEM curriculum. Designed to compliment informal learning spaces, and timed to fit within single sessions, the Spark Starters include 20 STEM activity prompts that address STEM-forward themes inspiring students to collaborate, communicate, and create with robots.


Yanshee Tutorials

Yanshee Tutorials deliver detailed information so students can take full advantage of and optimize the capabilities of the Yanshee robot by UBTECH Robotics. The product provides detailed descriptions, sample text-based codes, activity prompts and more. This how-to guide on-boards students and teaches advanced humanoid robotics and open-source coding.


Develop STEM Skills & Improve Computational Literacy

Bring everything together and help your students build their computational literacy through our progressive STEM activities and challenges.

Students will start with Pose-Record-Play, Teleoperation, Block-based Coding and advance through to Sensor Integration, Block-Based with Text Preview and Open Source and text-based coding.


Coming Soon: AI Curriculum for UKITs

Our UKIT-aligned Artificial Intelligence (AI) curriculum will include unplugged activities, hands-on learning, and physical computing for grades 3-12. Students will work through the engineering design process as they learn the fundamental concepts of AI including computational thinking, flowcharts, algorithms, sensors, and micro-controllers, along with more advanced concepts of machine learning, decision trees and models, neural networks, and data sets. The AI curriculum is compatible for use with all three UKIT systems – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.