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For UKIT Beginner and UKIT Intermediate

Developed by the robotics experts at UBTECH, the UKIT EDU app makes it easy for educators and students to build, program, and bring to life every UKIT Beginner and UKIT Intermediate project.

  • Quick access to all pre-designed models referenced in the UKIT lesson plans, and more
  • Advanced 3D, 360-degree modeling system supports students through each build
  • Block-based programming with text-based preview in Python
  • Pose-Record-Play tool lets novice coders easily program motors
  • Flexible functionality lets students imagine, design, and save their own robotics projects
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and most Chromebook devices (See FAQ for full system requirements)

Download the UKIT EDU app


Software you can use alone or pair with UKIT Advanced

uCode is the web programming environment that takes machine learning to the next level. Students of all levels can program using block-based coding and dual text-based programming. uCode not only programs UKIT robots but goes above and beyond allowing students to create digital games, animations, drive 3d simulations and utilize real time AI programming.

In order to connect the UKIT Advanced board within uCode, users must install and open the uCode Connection Assistant (PC or Mac) within uCode - prompted when trying to connect.

  • 3D, 360-degree modeling system supports students through each build - 38 total builds for UKIT Advanced
  • AI integrated blocks and machine model training environment enables students to incorporate AI functionality into projects
  • Virtual stage mode allows students to create games, animations, and virtual programs that also connect with UKIT hardware
  • Upload mode supports dual programming with block-based and text-based (C/C++) programming ability - connects with Arduino IDE
  • 3D simulation lab with virtual drive programming environments enables programming virtual robots without external hardware
  • uCode web is optimized for Google Chrome and best runs within the Chrome browser

Code online with uCode Access uCode

Arduino IDE

For UKIT Advanced

The UKIT Advanced programming board is also fully compatible with the Arduino programming environment. The Arduino IDE is an open-source platform that allows users to write programs and upload to multiple micro-controllers.

Download Arduino IDE Visit the website

Yanshee app

For Yanshee

With a game-like interface and Pose-Record-Play functionality, the Yanshee app provides a fun environment where students can easily program the robot to interact with the world around it. The cutting-edge coding experience allows Yanshee to grow as students’ coding skills advance.

  • Runs on an open-source platform
  • Supports multiple programming languages – Java, C/C++, block-based, Perl, Python
  • Fully extensible using the Raspberry Pi platform

Download the Yanshee app Download Yanshee App

JIMU Robot app

For all JIMU Robot kits

The JIMU Robot app makes it easy to build, program, and bring to life every JIMU Robot kit creation. The JIMU Robot system supports students to expand their robotics and STEM learning.

  • Quick access to all pre-designed models included with each kit
  • Advanced 3D, 360-degree modeling system supports students through each build
  • Simple Blockly-based, drag-and-drop programming system
  • Pose-Record-Play tool let students easily program motors, lights, and sensors
  • Flexible functionality lets students imagine and design their own models

Download the JIMU Robot app JIMU App on Google Play JIMU App for iOS