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At UBTECH Education we’re passionate about preparing all learners for the future. Our main goal is to get students excited and curious about STEM topics, make sure they are knowledgeable and comfortable working with robotics and automation, and help prepare them to enter a workforce in need of 21st-century skills. By leveraging the interactive robotics technology and artificial intelligence expertise of UBTECH Robotics, we deliver engaging, hands-on integrated STEM learning experiences that make it possible for teachers to prepare students for success in the classroom and beyond.

Why uKits for summer camp?

Adding our uKits to your summer STEM, coding, or robotics camps will offer children a hands-on experience like no other! Our Beyond the Classroom curriculum, used with our AI Beginner and Intermediate uKits, was created for virtual or in-person learning beyond the regular classroom environment. Perfect for camp settings or after-school programs, each unit includes 10 hours of instruction housed within a teacher guide and an accompanying student-facing slide presentation.

Beginner Level Curriculum

Beginner courses are appropriate for students who are brand new to coding and robotics. In these courses, students will be introduced to the mechanics of building simple to more complex robots and will learn how to create basic block-based codes to program servos to take action.

Supplies needed:

  • uKit AI Beginner / UKIT Beginner, 2-4 students per kit
  • Chromebook, iOS, or Android device
  • uKit EDU app

Units include:

  • Intro to Robotics: Coding, Engineering, and AI
    In this course, students start by building and programming basic robots to do simple tasks. They quickly progress to designing and programming more complex robotic creations as they work toward designing and building their own custom robot.
  • Animal Robots: Designing Robots to Mimic Animal Movements
    Students explore the natural world to hone their observation skills before translating those observations into a robot they design and program. This course is perfect for students who want to learn the basics of robotics and coding while thinking about how they connect to the natural world.
  • Robot Inventor: Plan, Design, and Build Your Own Robot
    In this course, students dive deep into the engineering design process by developing their own robot that serves a specific and identified purpose. In addition to inventing their own robot, students are exposed to the fundamentals of AI by participating in an AI activity.

Intermediate Level Curriculum

Intermediate courses are appropriate for students who are not new to or have a foundational knowledge of, coding and robotics. These courses will introduce more complex builds using new sensors. Students will continue building their programming skills using block-based coding with sensor integration.

Supplies needed:

  • uKit AI Intermediate / UKIT Intermediate, 2-4 students per kit
  • Chromebook, iOS, or Android device
  • uKit EDU app

Units include:

  • Robotics, Sensors, and AI: Build Robots that Interact with the World
    Students dive into how computers, just like people, use sensors to make sense of the world. This course is geared toward students new to robotics who want to learn how to use robotics and AI.
  • Musical Robots: Create a Musical Experience with Robotics and AI
    In this course, students build robots to dance, sing, and even make their own music! Using AI, robotics, and programming, students learn that engineering is not only a science but also an art form. 
  • Vehicles of the Future: Self-Driving Cars, Autonomous Robots, and AI
    Students examine the fundamentals of robotics and AI while learning what it takes to make the cars of the future. This is the perfect course for students who want to challenge their understanding of robotics, AI, and how technology is changing our lives.


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