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  • How can I determine which leveled UKIT is the best fit for my classroom?

    In general, UKIT Beginner is recommended for students who are new to robotics and coding, and is appropriate for elementary and middle school. UKIT Intermediate is recommended for elementary and middle school, and UKIT Advanced is recommended for high school. The UKIT levels are designed to provide a progression of tools and challenges to support the advancement of students' STEM and coding skills from elementary to high school.

  • Do I need to purchase any additional hardware or software beyond the UKIT to get started?

    All parts and pieces to build your robots are included in the kit - no additional pieces required. However, a compatible iOS, Android, or Chromebook device is required in order to operate the UKIT app. The UKIT app is free to download.

  • Do I need to download the app in order to operate my UKIT robots?

    Yes, the UKIT EDU app is required to operate the robots fully. For more information on how to download the app and other resources for your specific UKIT, please visit: https://ubtecheducation.com/apps-and-software

  • What devices is the UKIT app compatible with?

    The UKIT app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Chromebook. Your device must meet these minimum system requirements in order to download the app:
    Apple iOS 10.0 or higher
    Android 5.0 or higher
    Chromebook Chrome OS Version 53 or later

  • How do I download the curriculum provided in the UKIT app?

    After you have downloaded the app, go to the “Models” section and click on the “Add Curriculum” button. Then, click on the tiles to download either the Beginner or Intermediate levels, or simply click on “Download All” on the top right.

  • Where can I locate the NGSS-aligned teacher guides and lesson plans?

    The NGSS-aligned teacher guides and lesson plans are located online on the UBTECH Education website. To gain access to the material, register at: https://ubtecheducation.com/register

  • Are all the UKIT parts compatible with each other?

    Yes, all parts and pieces are compatible across UKITs.

Professional Development

  • What professional development options are available?

    Virtual and on-site professional development sessions are available, and are facilitated by our in-house UKIT expert. For more information on our professional services, please visit: https://ubtecheducation.com/professional-services

Technical Support

  • I'm having issues with my UKITs and software, who do I contact?

    For all technical assistance, please contact our excellent customer support team at [email protected] or (800) 276-6137 Monday to Friday 9AM-6PM CST.