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In Person Training

Trainings are scheduled and delivered by a UBTECH Education specialist to accommodate your schedule. Certificates of completion will be awarded for up to 15 participants in attendance, additional certificates can be requested.

Please contact us for more customized options. 

Recommended: Classroom + Curriculum Bundle

Bundling both the Classroom and Curriculum training into one full day session to meet the needs of a dynamic teaching environment. Educators will spend the day fully immersed in the UBTECH solutions, learning how to fully integrate STEM into their sites.

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Price: $2,999

Classroom (Basic)

The Classroom in person training is custom designed to build confidence with the UKITs in a fun hands-on building environment. Delivered in one half day session with a focus on active building with the UKITs and real time troubleshooting with product experts. The goal of every session will be for educators to leave feeling ready to lead students through their robotic journey and solve any issue they may encounter along the way.  With a primary focus on UKIT usage and troubleshooting, educators will secondarily dive into curriculum and implementation strategies. 

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Price: $2,000

Curriculum (Integration)

The Curriculum in person training is specifically tailored to the needs of the site with a strong focus on creating a strategy to integrate STEM into core classrooms for the long term. Delivered in one half day session that will take a deep dive into UBTECH curriculum and plan a strategy to successfully build a program that meets the needs of the educators and students. Touching on standards, classroom needs and UKIT confidence, each educator will leave with a plan of attack for bringing robotics and STEM into their classroom.

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Price $2,000

Train the Trainer (For Administrators & Site Leads)

The Train the Trainer in person training is intended for administrators and site leads that are looking create a team to train teachers. The two day (minimum) training will focus on training methods, implementation strategies, UKIT confidence and integrating curriculum. 

Tailored to the needs of the site, this intensive training will prepare individuals for a long term approach to bringing UBTECH into multiple sites with support and success. The goal of each Train the Trainer session will be to empower leaders to be STEM game changers.

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Additional Trainers

To make sure that each participant is receiving the right level of support and interaction from our trainers, in person trainings have a max capacity of 15 participants per every trainer. 

For requests of over 15 participants, additional trainers are provided at a cost of $1250 per trainer.

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