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Yanshee is an intelligent, open-source humanoid robot utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and sensor technology to give engineering enthusiasts practical experience with real robotics applications. Click to access Yanshee Developer website. 

  • More than 17 servos for precise movements; built-in hi-def camera, speakers, and microphones; fully extensible architecture.
  • Easily control Yanshee through a game-like app environment.
  • Take advantage of Yanshee as a full Raspberry Pi microcomputer.
  • Open-source environment supports multiple programming languages – Java, C/C++, block-based, Perl, Python – and is flexible for beginner to advanced coders.
  • Create engaging interactions with additional sensors – infrared, ultrasonic, touch, pressure, and temperature.
Yanshee is a flexible and interactive solution for high school and college-level students, whether they are just learning to use text-based coding or diving deep into robotics and AI.
Yanshee combines an advanced AI interface, a programmable Raspberry Pi card, an open-source coding platform, and a host of interchangeable sensors and functionality to create the ultimate solution for students to engage in real robotics tech.
As a global leader in humanoid robots with proprietary servo motors, sensor integration, software, and more, UBTECH Robotics extends this expertise to the forefront of high school and college-level STEM education.
Built on Raspbian OS, Yanshee is fully extensible using the Raspberry Pi platform. Add additional hardware through two USB, HDMI, 6 POGO, 4PIN, and 40PIN GPIO interfaces so Yanshee grows as your coding needs evolve.

Product specifications

About the Yanshee app

With a game-like interface and Pose-Record-Play functionality, the Yanshee app provides a fun environment where students can easily program the robot to interact with the world around it. The cutting-edge coding experience allows Yanshee to grow as students’ coding skills advance.

STEM Authentication Educational Product Yanshee is Authenticated™ and integrates well into STEM-friendly homes and programs.