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UKIT Intermediate deepens students’ interest and advance them to the next level of STEM, computer science, and robotics topics.

Designed and tailored to Next Generation Science Standards, our UKIT Intermediate and accompanying curriculum seamlessly incorporate STEM instruction into middle school classrooms.  

  • Run multiple tests and use the results to determine redesigns.
  • Combine useful aspects from multiple builds to create new robots.
  • Develop and re-develop skills across units.
  • Learn about cross-cutting topics, including earth science, through authentic and engaging lessons and projects.

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Mybot uses sensors to detect the physical environment and alert of changes. Mybot offers a fun, contextual way to deliver a lesson on life science and engineering design.
This is the Trolley robot and it's designed to avoid obstacles, assess issues, and help society in all kinds of ways. With Trolly, students learn how energy and turbines work, how to inspect an area for safety, and how industrial robots can improve our communities.

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About the UKIT EDU App

Developed by the robotics experts at UBTECH, the UKIT EDU app makes it easy for educators and students to build, program, and bring to life every UKIT Beginner and UKIT Intermediate project.