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Propel students to the next level of robotics. UKIT Intermediate deepens students’ skills by introducing more complex builds with interactive sensors and increasingly challenging STEM lessons.

  • A comprehensive building kit with sensor integration is included. No additional pieces are required.
  • NGSS-aligned curriculum provides 5E lesson plans on integrated STEM topics, such as physical science, earth science, and engineering. Learn more about the UKIT Intermediate curriculum here.
  • UBTECH Education’s proprietary app lets students build and program their robotics projects with block-based coding.
  • Up to 15 pre-designed models are included in the app or create your own custom robots.
  • UKIT Intermediate is recommended for elementary to middle school.

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UKIT by UBTECHUKITs are flexible and seamlessly integrate with your STEM and CTE programs. Work it in how it works for you. Save on our UKITs, designed for elementary, middle, or high school programs!

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“Using the UKITs enables me to integrate technology and engineering into lessons and provide students the opportunity to take content knowledge and build on it in a way that develops their critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and technical skills.”

- Katie Galasso, 7th-Grade Science Teacher at New Brunswick Public Schools, NJ & UBTECH Early Innovator
With Windshield Wiper, a featured robot in in the UKIT Intermediate curriculum, students are introduced to sensors and learn the concept of automation. Students apply robotics to reinforce earth science concepts related to weather, climate, and forces.
“I am able to combine science and technology together while students engage in building, designing, and programming robots. The learning outcomes that I have seen with my students are their ability to work together; solving problems; building a robot from a diagram and then adjusting it to suit the needs of their ideas.”

- Kristi DeTorres, Educator at Mount Adams School District, WA & UBTECH Early Innovator
Mybot from the UKIT Intermediate curriculum takes sensor integration to the next level, challenging students to investigate sensory inputs and outputs related to the five senses. Students will program the sensors on Mybot to detect the physical environment and create an action that alerts of changes. Mybot offers a fun, contextual way to deliver a lesson on life science and engineering design.
Trolley robot from the UKIT Intermediate curriculum combines sensor integration with movement. Students program Trolley’s infrared sensor to avoid obstacles and assess issues in its environment. Students make connections to how industrial robots can help our communities in all kinds of ways, such as inspecting an area for safety.

What’s in UKIT Intermediate?


Robot Configurations

Check out the pre-designed robots you can build with the UKIT Intermediate kit. These are just the beginning – build these or create your own!

About the uKit EDU App

Developed by the robotics experts at UBTECH, the uKit EDU app makes it easy for educators and students to build, program, and bring to life every UKIT Beginner and UKIT Intermediate project.

STEM Authentication Educational Product UKITs are STEM.org Authenticated™ and integrate well into STEM-friendly homes and programs.