Designed for middle school classrooms, UKIT Intermediate is designed deepen students’ interest in STEM, computer science, and robotics topics.

  • Combine useful aspects from multiple builds to create new robots
  • Develop and re-develop skills across units
  • Learn about cross-cutting topics, including earth science, through authentic, engaging lessons and projects

The UKIT Intermediate has everything teachers need to infuse robotics into science, engineering, and programming classes:

  • A comprehensive building kit—no additional pieces required
  • Sensors, including infrared, that allow robots to respond to their environment
  • Supplemental curriculum integrating the standards, concepts, and skills students need to be successful in school and beyond
  • Digital teacher guides and lesson templates
  • Access to UBTECH Education’s free proprietary app, where students build, code, and animate their robotics projects
I’m Mybot, and I use my sensors to detect my physical environment and alert my friends of changes. I offer a fun, contextual way to deliver a lesson on life science and engineering design!
Windshield Wiper
I am a Windshield Wiper robot! With my advanced sensors, I help students understand how technology can be used to help us detect and respond to weather conditions, and I make it easier for educators to teach physical science and engineering design together.
I’m Trolley robot and I’m designed to avoid obstacles, assess issues, and help society in all kinds of ways! With me, students learn how energy and turbines work, how to inspect an area for safety, and how industrial robots can improve our communities.

What’s in the kit?

About the UBTECH Education App

Our unique, cutting-edge software application was developed by the robotics experts at UBTECH. The app makes it easy for educators and students to successfully build, program, and manipulate every UKIT project. It’s coding made simple!

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