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UBTECH Education is a division of UBTECH—a global leader in intelligent, humanoid robots for consumers, business, and industry—and we’re passionate about preparing all learners for the future of work. Our solutions establish the strong foundation students need to thrive: a high-quality STEM education integrated with the development of 21st century skills and computational literacy.

Our UKIT solution, developed by experts who helped write the NGSS, immerses students in hands-on STEM+C learning by merging modular robotics construction with engineering, math, and language arts, as well as physical and life sciences. UKITs promote deep learning, discussion, and questioning, and develop in students collaborative, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative skills.

We developed UKITs with equity in mind, aiming to level the playing field around exposure to robotics and engineering for all students, regardless of their socio-economic status, learning ability, or gender.

Leveraging the interactive robotics technology expertise of our parent company as the vehicle for delivering engaging, hands-on STEM+C curricula, our solutions allow teachers to deliver powerful STEM and CTE-aligned instruction.

Meet the team

John Rhee
General Manager of North America

John established UBTECH's presence in North America and is responsible for crafting its business strategy outside of China. UBTECH Education speaks to his, and UBTECH’s, commitment to equity in education and preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s careers. With a degree from UCLA, John is a seasoned investor and an operations professional with a wide breadth of experience growing brands and establishing strategic partnerships.

Jamie Sachs
Senior Director of Education

Jamie is a seasoned educational leader and former nonprofit director with a wealth of experience leading successful teams. As director, she oversees development and implementation of UBTECH's educational programs, curricula, and professional development. Prior to joining UBTECH, Jamie served as director of education for FIRST, director of digital learning at New Tech Network, and associate director of the Education Technology Initiative at Southern Regional Education Board. She began her career as a high school math teacher in the Atlanta area, and later taught robotics and engineering courses. She has served on the board of directors of the Epstein School, was a founding administrator of the Georgia Virtual School, and coached two FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics teams at North Springs High School.

Jason Panella
Senior Director of Education Partnerships

Jason brings more than 20 years of experience in the education field, consistently supporting educators with innovative solutions and services aimed at driving student success. Jason has held senior leadership and business development positions at Thomson Learning, Pearson Education, Open Up Resources, and Curriculum Associates. While at Pearson, Jason was the lead architect for a K–12 custom publishing program, and later led channel sales strategy and partner development efforts. Most recently, he contributed to the launch of Open Up Resources, an emerging provider of high quality core ELA and mathematics programs, and at Curriculum Associates he served in a professional services leadership role.

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