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TAP Lessons and Resources

Created by Teachers for Teachers (and students!)

What is TAP?

TAP, our Teacher Ambassador Program, is a group composed of educators who love teaching robotics and STEM. They are innovative and advocate for hands-on experiences for their students. Click on the button below to learn more about the program and see who is a UBTECH Ambassador for this school year.

2022-23 TAP Members

Teacher Ambassador Program by UBTECH Education

TAP created lessons, activities, and resources

Type of Resource: 5E Lesson

Breathing Robots: Designing Robots to Demonstrate the Respiratory System

TAP Member: Claire Brown, 2021-2022

Product/Software Used: UKIT Advanced and uCode

Short Description: During this lesson, students will research the parts that make up the respiratory system to better understand how oxygen enters our body and carbon dioxide exits it. They will then build and code a robot to demonstrate this process using a diagram they create.

Type of Resource: uCode Coding Activity

Animated Holiday Card

TAP Member: Sherry King, 2021-2022

Product/Software Used: uCode

Short Description: In this lesson, students will create an animated card for a holiday or event of their choosing.

Type of Resource: uCode Coding Activity

Rock, Paper, Scissors

TAP Member: Alethea "E.C." Setser, 2021-present

Product/Software Used: uCode

Short Description: In this lesson, students will be able to code their own game of Rock, Paper, Scissors using uCode.

Type of Resource: UKIT Advanced with uCode Coding Activity

Prize Wheel Spinner Robot

TAP Member: Annie Schmitt, 2021-present

Product/Software Used: UKIT Advanced, uCode

Short Description: In this lesson, students will be modify an existing robot build and sample code from the UKIT Advanced to create a Prize Wheel Spinner Robot.

Type of Resource: Open-Ended Building and Coding Challenges

UKIT Holiday Spark Starters

TAP Member: Alethea "E.C." Setster, 2021-present

Product/Software Used: UKIT Beginner or Intermediate, uKit EDU app

Short Description: This resource contains 10 different activities to use with your UKIT Beginner Humanoid robot OR the UKIT Intermediate Boxer robot.