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Real robotics kits combined with STEM curriculum

UBTECH Education’s solutions are ideal for classrooms, virtual learning environments, makerspaces, and other STEM programs. Our UKITs, easy-to-implement curriculum, and professional development are designed to grow with students and educators. Ideal for Grades 3-12, our robotics kits combine hands-on activities, cutting-edge tech, and standards-aligned curriculum to prepare all learners for success in STEM classrooms and careers.


UKITs Designed for Your STEM Program

Help kids develop real-world skills to solve real-world problems. UKITs enable educators to inspire students to build, code, and deepen STEM learning in classrooms, libraries, and before- and after-school programs.

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Explore Our High-Quality Curricula

UBTECH Education offers standards-aligned curriculum for Grades 3-12 designed to guide students into developing 21st-century skills.

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Teach AI Through Hands-On Learning

Our AI Foundations Curriculum is structured to scale with students in appropriate learning levels of K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 bands that can compound as students grow as well as an entry to AI learning – no matter what grade they start in.

AI Foundations requires no hardware and provides online and unplugged activities, which makes it a great solution for all types of learning environments including distance and hybrid school schedules.

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UBTECH Education Webinar Series

We are back at it for our 2023 webinar series! We are looking forward to an expanded speaker lineup, that will explore STEM, robotics, and AI topics all year long. Sign up to save your spot and to be notified of the upcoming events here: New 2023 Webinar Series!

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Our mission

At UBTECH Education, we're passionate about preparing all learners for the future of work. Our robotics solutions establish the strong foundation students need to thrive: a high-quality STEM and robotics education integrated with the development of 21st-century skills and computational literacy.