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Introducing Camp:ASPIRE! Learn coding & STEM skills with online, virtual instruction that is combined with real robotics kits.

UBTECH Education’s solutions for classrooms, makerspaces, and STEM programs are designed to grow with students. From K-12 to higher education, our robotics kits combine hands-on activities, cutting-edge tech, and standards-aligned curriculum to prepare all learners for success in STEM classrooms and careers.

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UBTECH Education & the STEM Learning Ecosystems are excited to present an opportunity for kids 8+ this summer with week-long, virtual robotics camp sessions that include REAL robotics kits. In these unprecedented times, and with a lack of options for parents and educators, new solutions are needed.

Camp:ASPIRE goes beyond learning how to code – we also teach kids how to build and program real robotics from leaders in the education field.

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UBTECH Education is a division of UBTECH Robotics—a global leader in intelligent, humanoid robots for consumers, business, and industry—and we’re passionate about preparing all learners for the future of work. Our solutions establish the strong foundation students need to thrive: a high-quality STEM education integrated with the development of 21st century skills and computational literacy..