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Providing every student with learning opportunities to explore AI and Robotics in depth.

UGOT is a versatile and innovative robotic kit that offers a wide range of capabilities and modes of operation. With its powerful AI features, high computing power, and modular design, UGOT provides students with a simple and engaging way to experience advanced artificial intelligence and robotics technology.

Fast Assembly for 7 Unique Robots

Featuring a modular design and innovative knob lock, UGOT ensures fast assembly and transformation which increases user efficiency. You can build versatile robotic models with only one kit.

High-performance Computing Pushes the Boundaries of AI Education

The main control integrates CPU, GPU, and NPU chips and provides 1TOPS of computing power, enabling multi-algorithm processing, advanced algorithm models processing, offline model training, etc. UGOT fits more learning scenarios with endless possibilities.

Explore AI Technology with Diverse Algorithms

High computing power integrated with built-in algorithms enables UGOT to recognize gestures, human postures, faces, texts, objects, etc. You can experience a full range of AI capabilities while playing with UGOT.

Two Unique Kits to Explore

The kits provide endless opportunities for students to explore various robotic applications.

Open Source Ecosystem Creating Infinite Possibilities

UGOT supports third-party open-source hardware such as Micro Bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi. You can also build your own robots with DIY components. An open Python SDK is provided for futher development.

Technical Specifications


Quad-core Cortex – A55, yp to 1.8GHz, NPU 1TOPS


2.4G/5.8G dual-band, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac


Bluetooth 5.0




USB 2.0*1, USB 3.0*1, UGOT Connector*6, USB-C*1, 9PIN*1, GPIO*1


P3.5*10 mm; 19V-1A

Operating Time

2.5 Hours


RGB Camera 720p


3-axis accelerometer; 3-axis gyroscope; 3-axis geomagnetic sensor; ToF Sensor


High-speed brushed DC servomotor x 4 (wheels), Brushed DC servomotors x 8 (joints)


3-Microphone Array


2600mAh 11.1V lithium-ion rechargeable Battery



Max Speed

160 cm/s

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