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Our K-12 AI Foundations curriculum incorporates unplugged activities and hands-on learning to teach basic artificial intelligence concepts. These units include an introduction to sensors and perception, computational thinking and algorithms, learning and data, models of representation, and natural language processing in AI. The curriculum also emphasizes the importance of learning the impact artificial intelligence has on society in both negative and positive ways. Register for a free account to view a sample of our AI Foundations curriculum here.

As part of UBTECH Education’s mission to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow, our grade-banded curriculum is structured to scale with students in appropriate learning levels of K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 bands that can compound as users grow as well as an entry to AI learning – no matter what grade they start in.

AI Foundations requires no hardware and provides online and offline activities, which makes it a great solution for all types of learning environments including distance and hybrid school schedules.

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UBTECH Education AI Foundations Curriculum
UBTECH Education AI Foundations Curriculum

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