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Professional Services

Educator support, every step of the way

We provide a variety of professional development training options to meet the needs of any site.

Live Virtual Trainings – Face-to-face online PD and continued coaching for educators to get the most out of their UKITs.

In Person Trainings – On-site trainings customized to the specific needs of the site to deliver coaching in implementation, curriculum, and strategy.

Self-Paced Online Courses – Extended learning courses coming soon!

Live Virtual Training Options In Person Training Options

For many educators and classrooms, robotics is a new frontier. Our professional services break down the mechanics of the technology and demystify engineering and computer science topics to make robotics accessible for all teachers.

Learn to:

  • Expand existing core curricula by incorporating supplemental robotics activities
  • Lead robotics and engineering instruction built around student discourse
  • Integrate science and engineering vocabulary
  • Facilitate team-based, student-led robotics projects
  • Promote complex thinking and productive struggle with big-picture questions and teachable moments

Best of all, learn to build, code, play, and teach with robots!

Custom Curriculum

We offer custom curriculum and content development tailored specifically to your site and implementation. Please contact us to learn more.

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