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UKIT Beginner provides a springboard to expose students to robotics. Designed for classrooms, UKIT Beginner and supporting curriculum reinforce STEM instruction in an engaging hands-on way, while building a foundation for problem-solving and computational thinking skills.

  • Comprehensive building kit – no additional pieces required
  • NGSS-aligned curriculum provide 5E lesson plans on integrated STEM topics – learn more about the UKIT Beginner curriculum here
  • UBTECH Education’s proprietary app lets students build and program their robotics projects with block-based coding
  • Up to 13 pre-designed models in the app spark creativity with the added potential of customized build options 
  • Recommended for elementary to middle school

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UKIT by UBTECHUKITs are flexible and seamlessly integrate with your STEM and CTE programs. Work it in how it works for you. Get ready for “Back to School” with comprehensive STEM bundles designed for Elementary, Middle, or High School programs. These bundles come with 8 UKITs and extensive curriculum with 60+ hours of STEM learning!

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“The alignment with NGSS supports the work that we are trying to implement, and is where we are finding the support and connection to build authentic connections to curriculum.”

- Maureen Smith, K-12 Science Instructional Support Specialist at Broome Tioga BOCES, NY & UBTECH Early Innovator
With the Golf Club Robot, students program the robot’s servo to swing. Featured in Unit 1 of the UKIT Beginner curriculum, this robot provides a hands-on way for students to learn the concepts of force and motion. Students continuously test and modify their robotics design to make their golf club swing with greater power, precision, and accuracy.
“UKITs put more of the lead into the hands of the students. It really allows me to SEE them in the process of problem-solving and creativity. I like how much of the process is student-led.”

- Lee Ann Carnell, STEAM Teacher at Metro Nashville Public Schools, TN & UBTECH Early Innovator
With Grabber Robot, students learn how to program a servo to make their robot grab objects successfully. Featured in Unit 2 of the UKIT Beginner curriculum, this robot helps students gain real-world context to life sciences by using the Grabber Robot to mimic the beak of a red-shouldered hawk!
Dinosaur Robot introduces a greater challenge for students as they program multiple servos to make their robot walk. In Unit 3 of the UKIT Beginner curriculum, students use their dinosaur project to understand how robots can help evaluate conditions too dangerous for humans and support search-and-rescue efforts.

What’s in UKIT Beginner?


Robot Configurations

Check out the pre-designed robots you can build with the UKIT Beginner kit.  These are just the beginning – build these or create your own!

About the UKIT EDU App

Developed by the robotics experts at UBTECH, the UKIT EDU app makes it easy for educators and students to build, program, and bring to life every UKIT Beginner and UKIT Intermediate project.

STEM Authentication Educational Product UKITs are STEM.org Authenticated™ and integrate well into STEM friendly homes and programs.