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Webinar Insights: The History of AI

For many of us, artificial intelligence is now a part of our daily lives. From asking Alexa to turn the lights on to looking at your show recommendations on Netflix to your phone predicting what text you’d like to add to your message next, AI has ingrained itself into our daily routines. While you are likely familiar with some form of AI now, do you know how it came to be? In this webinar, Kristina shares a brief history of AI and helps us answer the question: Why is teaching AI in the classroom important?

Here were some key takeaways:

1. Learn a brief history of AI. 

If you are not familiar with artificial intelligence or you are, but would like to know more the timeline shared in this webinar will give you an overview of some of the key points and milestones that have taken place in its development.


2. Why is it important to start teaching students how AI works? 

With all the talk around AI, have you asked yourself why now is the time to teach AI concepts to your students? Kristina shares her ideas on why now is the ideal time to get students started with a basic understanding of the artificial intelligence they encounter in our world today.


3. Whether you do or do not use AI regularly, it is here to stay and might already be impacting your students more than you think. 

The students you have now are growing up in a world with AI. Soon, you’ll have students who do not know what life was like before AI. The idea that they have a basic understanding of the technology they regularly interact with is vital for them to fill jobs that help advance this technology and those that might not even exist.

Watch the full webinar for a complete introduction to the history if AI.

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