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uKit Explore

uKit Explore robotics set

uKit Explore, formerly UKIT Advanced, offers an open-ended approach to robotics and coding for the more experienced roboticists in your classroom. With a more sophisticated and versatile tool set, this uKit provides an in-depth look at the mechanics, electronics, and programming behind real high-tech robotics.

You receive the following curriculum with the purchase of a uKit Explore:

STEM Curriculum

These units are aligned to Grades 6-8 Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and include science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, cross-curricular connections, and an interactive digital student notebook. Find out more about our STEM units here.

Working with Circuits Curriculum

This curriculum provides an introduction to the complete circuitry kit included with the uKit Explore. Detailed tutorials and 15 circuitry activities with sample codes familiarize students with the fundamentals of circuitry and electrical engineering. Using Arduino IDE, students interact and program the uKit microcontroller to expand their coding skills to text-based programming using C/C++.

UKIT Spark Starters

These open-ended challenges allow students the opportunity to build their own robots to complete a specific task. Spark Starters are great for class challenges, makerspaces, camps, before/afterschool clubs, and group activities.

AI Foundations Curriculum

Requiring no hardware, this curriculum provides online resources, unplugged activities, and hands-on lessons to teach basic artificial intelligence and computer science concepts. Learn more about our AI curriculum here.

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“The alignment with NGSS supports the work that we are trying to implement and is where we are finding the support and connection to build authentic connections to curriculum.”

- Maureen Smith, K-12 Science Instructional Support Specialist at Broome Tioga BOCES, NY & UBTECH Early Innovator
“UKITs put more of the lead into the hands of the students. It really allows me to SEE them in the process of problem-solving and creativity. I like how much of the process is student-led.”

- Lee Ann Carnell, STEAM Teacher at Metro Nashville Public Schools, TN & UBTECH Early Innovator