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UBTECH Education’s UKIT Beginner and Intermediate curricula are now available for review, download, and use—if you’ve adopted UKITs, or if you’re considering a UKIT adoption, this is a quick and easy way to access the supplemental materials.

Early access

Complete the registration form below to access our curricula. The site is still a work in progress and we’ll be adding more resources, functionality, and curriculum in the months ahead, so join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on the materials.

Looking for a print edition? We’re working on it! Get in touch and we’ll put you on our waiting list.

Putting the E in STEM

Our curricula address the gaps found in most STEM programs and help students develop engineering habits of mind, while detailed teacher guides and lesson plans give educators the support they need to feel confident working robotics lessons into the rhythm of their instruction.

  • Standards-aligned teacher guides and student materials, designed by experts
  • Scaffolds lessons and coherence across grade levels
  • Supports whole class instruction with differentiated supports
  • 5E lesson plans infuse robotics with STEM+C and core subjects
  • Project-based learning provides real-world connections and relevancy
  • Flexible implementation to design your own unique lessons

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