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Virtual professional development designed for K12 teachers to bring AI into the classroom

AI Education in the Classroom

This 3-week professional development course is a multi session virtual professional development where educators dive into techniques to bring dynamic AI resources into classrooms. Open to all educators (non subject dependent) from K12 that want to learn how to make AI relatable, digestible and applicable to core curricula. Focusing on UBTECH’s AI Foundations curriculum and AI4k12’s ‘5 Big Ideas’, participants will learn how to approach AI topics through practical hands-on strategies and resources. Through the PD, each educator will participate in active discussions and  develop a lesson to integrate core AI concepts into the educator’s specific classroom. Through participation in the PD, educators will be eligible to receive professional development learning hours.

Course Overview

  • What is AI? 
  • How to distinguish and define AI 
  • Dive deep into the ‘5 Big Ideas’
  • Real-world and relatable examples of concepts
  • Experience hands-on AI tools (including free online resources and uCode)
  • Provide integration strategies for the classroom 
  • Participants create AI integration plan for the classroom 



AI in the Classroom Sample Session Breakdown

Session overview


  • Instructor introduces AI topic
  • Instructor introduces tool(s) to teach the topic
  • Instructor provides classroom modeling
  • Instructor assigns participant tasks. “This is a way to integrate AI into your classroom – you create a lesson to introduce topic into your classroom”


  • Participant completes task
  • Participant prepares presentation

Recommended Time Commitment: 

The AI in the Class Professional Development Course is delivered over the course of a consecutive three week time period with multiple sessions starting in the fall of 2020. 

The breakdown per week is: two 1 hour session per week and adds up to: 

  • 6 virtual engagement hours
  • 4 estimated offline work hours
  • 10 professional learning hours 

Flexible Scheduling

Registration link will be provided post-purchase to select preferred class start date. 


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