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Welcome to our 2022 Webinar Series! We are excited to showcase and provide the monthly webinars as a resource for educators new OR experienced in STEM and robotics education.   This year, we explore exciting topics like Robotics In and Out of the Classroom, Utilizing Robots to Teach Standards, Setting up a Successful Robotics Program even a special Hour of Code webinar Рand more!

Below, you can find our previous webinar recordings.

Creating Impactful STEM and Robotics Content

Join a conversation on how to create engaging STEM and robotics lessons that meet your objectives.

Robotics for the Holidays

Explore ideas on fun and engaging robotics and STEM content for the holidays.

Connecting the Dots: Robots for Other Subjects

Learn how you can use robotics to connect to other subject areas such as art, math, geography, and more.

Setting Up a Successful Robotics Program

Gain perspectives on how to set up an impactful robotics program.

Defining the Differentiators: What Makes UBTECH Different?

UKITs are unique from other classroom solutions. Explore what sets UBTECH apart.

Utilizing Robots to Teach Standards

Learn how to use UKITs to teach and align to educational standards.

Perspectives on Teaching Robotics and STEM

Join a group of teachers currently using UKITs as they share perspectives and implementation strategies. Special Guest Speakers: Brian Wetzel, Paul Shircliff, Warren Wise

Robotics ‘Out of the Classroom’

Explore ideas for how to plan STEM and robotics initiatives for camps and afterschool programs. Special Guest Speaker: Kenny Bae, one of our TAP teachers out of Chicago, IL.

Robotics ‘In the Classroom’

Dive into the advantages of using UKITs in the classroom.

Special Guest Speaker: Claire Brown, one of our TAP teachers out of Menomonie, WI.