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We are excited to announce our 2022 webinar series topics. We are looking forward to an expanded speaker lineup, that will enable us to explore STEM, robotics and AI topics all year long. Sign up to save your spot and to be notified of the upcoming events.

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Wed., March 9th — Robotics 'Out of the Classroom'

2:00PT/ 5:00ET

Explore ideas for how to plan STEM and robotics initiatives for camps and afterschool programs.

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Wed., April 13th — Robotics 'In the Classroom'

Wed., May 11th — Perspectives on Teaching Robotics and STEM

Wed., June 8th — Utilizing Robots to Teach Standards

2:00PT/ 5:00ET

Learn how to use UKITs to teach and align to educational standards.

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Wed., July 13th — Defining the Differentiators: What Makes UBTECH Different?

Wed., Aug. 10th — Setting Up a Successful Robotics Program

Wed., Sept. 14th — Connecting the Dots: Robots for Other Subjects

2:00PT/ 5:00ET

Learn how you can use robotics to connect to other subject areas such as art, math, geography, and more.

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Wed., Oct. 12th — Robotics for the Holidays

Wed., Nov. 9th — Creating Impactful STEM and Robotics Content

Monday, Dec. 5th-11th — Hour of Code/CSEdWeek