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UKIT Advanced offers an open-ended approach to robotics and STEM topics, appropriate for middle school or high school classrooms. The UKIT Advanced introduces a sophisticated tool set designed to solve more complex challenges, focusing on key concepts for budding engineers, programmers, and future roboticists. 

Designed to supplement secondary school course curricula, the Advanced kit provides in-depth instruction on the mechanics, electronics, and programming behind high-tech robotics. The UKIT Advanced configurations inspire in students the creative, critical thinking, and problem solving skills they need for success in college level courses and beyond. 

  • Precise servos operate at a fraction of a movement, allowing for more human-like mobility.
  • Advanced, Arduino-compatible computing modules enable robots to perform more complex tasks.
  • Multiple sensors for sound, touch, and light, along with a complete circuitry kit, encourage custom builds and inventions.

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Transformer robot uses sixteen servos and a gray scale sensor to sense its environment and adapt to the conditions. With the Transformer robot, students can learn how hardware can be integrated into a complex system, and works together to achieve a goal.

What’s in the kit?

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About uCode

The uCode block-based programming environment for UKIT Advanced makes it easy for educators and students to build, program, and interact with their UKIT projects.

Arduino IDE 

The UKIT Advanced programming board is also fully compatible with the Arduino programming environment. The Arduino IDE is an open-source platform that allows users to write programs and upload to multiple micro-controllers.

Download and explore Arduino IDE at here.