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UKIT Advanced offers an open-ended approach to robotics and STEM topics for the more experienced roboticists in your classroom. With a more sophisticated and versatile tool set, UKIT Advanced provides an in-depth look at the mechanics, electronics, and programming behind real high-tech robotics. 

  • Comprehensive building kit includes over 1000 pieces, 16 servos, real Arduino-compatible microcontroller, and complete circuitry kit for limitless opportunities
  • NGSS-aligned curriculum designed to prepare students for college and careers with complex, real-world design and coding challenges – learn more about our NGSS-aligned UKIT Advanced curriculum here
  • Working with Circuits curriculum provides an introduction to circuitry fundamentals and electrical engineering
  • Build and program with block-based code using UBTECH Education’s proprietary uCode software, or text-based code in C/C++ through Arduino IDE 
  • Up to 38 pre-designed models in the software invite students to fully explore the engineering design process, or invent their own projects

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Transformer robot of the UKIT Advanced curriculum guides students to explore gravity, force, and motion in relation to the solar system. Using the engineering design process and Newton's Laws of Motion, students design a robot that is capable of space exploration and assists in gathering data to investigate other planets.
The Sonar Tracker robot of the UKIT Advanced curriculum helps students explore human impacts on climate change. Student teams act as environmental engineers designing a tide gauge system to prevent a major water body from flooding a local community. Using the engineering design process, students program the robot’s ultrasonic sensor to detect rising water levels and alert emergency responders.
With the Robotic Arm robot, students explore the history of prosthetics, including recent advancements, in relation to life and physical science concepts. Students program the Robotic Arm with sensors to make it more human-like, and create their own prosthetic prototype while working through the engineering design process.
The Circuity Unit of the UKIT Advanced curriculum guides students on the fundamentals of circuitry and electrical engineering, such as how to use breadboards, LEDs, servos, and various sensors. Students apply their knowledge to build and program their own robot using a circuit board.

What’s in UKIT Advanced?


Teach with uCode

uCode is the web programming environment that takes machine learning to the next level. Students of all levels can program using block-based coding and dual text-based programming. uCode not only programs UKIT robots but goes above and beyond allowing students to create digital games, animations, drive 3D simulations and utilize real time AI programming.

In order to connect the UKIT Advanced board within uCode, users must install and open the uCode Connection Assistant (pc or mac) within uCode and prompted when trying to connect.

uCode web is optimized for Google Chrome and best runs within the Chrome browser.

Program with Arduino IDE

The UKIT Advanced programming board is also fully compatible with the Arduino programming environment. The Arduino IDE is an open-source platform that allows users to write programs and upload to multiple micro-controllers. Download Arduino IDE here.

Robot Configurations

Check out the pre-designed robots you can build with the UKIT Advanced kit.  These are just the beginning–build these or create your own!

STEM Authentication Educational Product UKITs are STEM.org Authenticated™ and integrate well into STEM friendly homes and programs.