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Teacher Ambassador Program

Inspire the Leaders and Changemakers of Tomorrow

UBTECH Education's Teacher Ambassador Program Logo

Connect. Create. Inspire.

UBTECH Education is looking for passionate and community-driven educators to join us as advocates in helping shape the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow. 

Ambassadors will share our vision of creating a generation of kids who are excited and curious about STEM topics, knowledgeable working with robotics, coding, and artificial intelligence, and are prepared to enter a workforce increasingly in need of 21st-century skills.

Who are we looking for?

  • Must love teaching robotics and STEM and have experience successfully implementing curriculum in their classrooms
  • Innovative educators looking to build meaningful connections with their peers and swap classroom best practices
  • Out-of-the-box thinkers who enjoy creating robotics and coding activities
  • Previous UKIT or JIMU teaching experience a huge plus

What kind of perks do Ambassadors get?

  • An awesome UBTECH welcome package including:
  • 6 UKITs of choice
  • 1 Professional Development Session (max 5 people)
  • Cool, branded UBTECH Education goodies + swag
  • A deep discount code to purchase additional UBTECH EDU products 
  • A referral discount code for friends/colleagues plus credit for purchases made by referrals
  • Be the first to know on upcoming products and promotions
  • Opportunity for beta testing on upcoming products
  • Sponsored networking sessions

What will Ambassadors do?

  • Ambassadors are expected to become UBTECH Education product experts 
  • Promote UBTECH brand and products in-person and online
  • Create curriculum content such as UKIT activities and lessons once a semester
  • Option to serve as session presenters for education conferences 
  • Make some money by participating in paid opportunities to deliver virtual or in-person PD

Applications Now Closed

Thank you for our interest in our first Teacher Ambassador Program! We are reviewing applications now. Applicants will be notified via email in the coming weeks.