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Teacher Ambassador Program

Inspiring the Leaders and Changemakers of Tomorrow

Teacher Ambassador Program by UBTECH Education

Announcing our second cohort

UBTECH Teacher Ambassadors share a vision of creating a generation of kids who are excited and curious about STEM topics; knowledgeable working with robotics, coding, and artificial intelligence; and prepared to enter a workforce increasingly in need of 21st-century skills.


Who they are

  • Our educators love teaching robotics and STEM and have experience successfully implementing curriculum in their classrooms.
  • They are innovative professionals looking to build meaningful connections with their peers and swap classroom best practices.
  • They pride themselves on being out-of-the-box thinkers who enjoy creating robotics and coding activities.
  • They advocate for hands-on robotics and STEM education and incorporate UKITs into their instructional lessons.

Why are you excited to be a member of UBTECH’s Teacher Ambassador Program?

Introducing the UBTECH Teacher Ambassadors

Alethea “E.C.” Setser

Gifted & Talented Teacher
Grades 4-5 | UKIT Intermediate

Charles Pinckney Elementary
Mount Pleasant, SC

Annie Schmitt

Computer Science Teacher | Teaching Artist
Grades 6-12 | UKIT Advanced

STEM Arts Learning
Erie, PA

Brian Wetzel

Computer Technology Teacher
Grades 9-12 | UKIT Advanced

Centerburg Local Schools
Centerburg, OH

Kristy Schneider

STEM Teacher
Grades 6-8 | UKIT Advanced

La Center Middle School
La Center, WA

Tonya McCullough

STEAM Teacher
Grades K-5 | UKIT Beginner

Cannons Elementary School
Spartanburg, SC

Gina Kwid

Engineering Teacher
Grades K-5 | UKIT Beginner

Galileo STEM Academy
Eagle, ID

Kenny Bae

STEAM Teacher | Robotics Coach
Grades 9-12 | UKIT Advanced

Wolcott College Prep HS
Chicago, IL

Chris Stone

Teacher | Director of CT STEM Academy
Grade 5 | UKIT Intermediate

Wallingford Public Schools | CT STEM Academy
Wallingford, CT

Interested in learning more?

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