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Musical Robots:
Create a musical experience with robotics and AI

Do you love singing and dancing? So do robots!

In this camp, students build robots to dance, sing, and even make their own music. Using AI, robotics, and programming, students dive into how engineering is not only a science but also an artform. Through active exploration and hands-on projects, students explore art and science that culminates in a live concert where students get to show off their musical skills with a robotic performance. This is the perfect camp for the student who wants to be creative while also improving their programming skills.

Students will:

  • Explore the relationship between engineering, technology, and art 
  • Practice using multiple robotic output components 
  • Build robots that interact with surroundings 
  • Expand coding skills by creating programs intended to display auditory and visual outputs

After camp, student can continue to build exciting robots with their UKIT – here are a few examples!

Tech Requirements:

  • iOS, Android, or Chromebook device with UKIT EDU app installed
  • Internet-enabled device with webcam, microphone, and Zoom web conferencing ability
  • Reliable internet

Course Includes:

  • UKIT Intermediate robotics kit 
  • Access to virtual camp including five live virtual sessions (2 hours each) and multiple offline activities
  • Accredited STEM Instructors

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