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Smart robots. Smarter kids. Five exciting JIMU Robot kits in one solution: the Maker Kit offers a fun and flexible solution for your makerspaces, library, or before- or after-school program. This kit is designed to inspire student-led creativity, so students have endless opportunities to build, code, and play while exploring robotics and engineering.

  • Each JIMU Robot kit comes with one or more pre-designed models, or students can design their own using the more than 2,300 pieces total that come in the Maker Kit!
  • No additional tools required – the 3D, 360-degree animated building instructions in the JIMU app guide students through each build step by step.
  • Introduce students to block-based coding while activating robots to perform actions like navigating obstacles, picking up objects, controlling LED lights, programming sounds, and more.
  • The JIMU Maker Kit also comes with 20 Spark Starter cards to assist educators in integrating STEAM-focused activities with students.

Get access to Spark Starter Activity Cards.

Five award-winning JIMU Robot kits contain everything teachers need to excite the makers and creators in their classrooms or makerspaces.
Build space robots AstroBot, Rover, or Astron and use the IR sensor to explore and investigate your extraterrestrial surroundings.
Control your very own dragon! Program the touch sensor, LED light, and smooth action servos to bring this mythical creature to life!
Show your UnicornBot’s personality by activating the color sensor to trigger the programmable LED horn to reflect different colors!
Don’t think STEM and sports go together? Think again! Build and score with any of these robots – ChampBot, BasketBot, or ScoreBot.
Build the rough and tumble DozerBot or DirtBot and use the ultrasonic sensor to detect objects and avoid obstacles.

What’s in the Maker Kit?

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About the JIMU Robot app

The JIMU Robot app makes it easy to build, program, and bring to life every JIMU Robot kit creation. The JIMU Robot system supports teachers and students to expand their robotics and STEM learning.

STEM Authentication Educational Product JIMU Maker Kit is Authenticated™ and integrates well into STEM-friendly homes and programs.