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UBTECH Education Resources for Home Learning

Remote Robotics: Weekly Design Challenge

Challenge kids to design, then sketch or build a robot that will help with many different real-world challenges and current events. A new challenge prompt will be posted every week.

The final output can be:

  • A drawing or sketch of a robot – no devices or kits needed
  • A design and build using any of our JIMU Robot kits
  • A design and build using any of our UKITs
  • Or, use what you have! Build a robot with the materials you have around your house – craft materials, blocks, cardboard boxes – we encourage creativity!

Contest: Are you impressed by your student’s creation? Enter to win our weekly contest for a chance to win your very own JIMU Robot kit – one winner weekly! Post a photo or video of your bot labeled with the challenge name on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and tag us @ubtechedu or #ubtechedu. See full Terms & Conditions.

See below to get started on your challenges!


How-to: Design Smart Robots

Want to participate in the Design Challenge but don’t know where to start? Watch this 30-minute presentation, where a UBTECH professional walks through his tips for designing smart robots. Learn from a real JIMU Robot Master!

Download the presentation

Week Four Design Challenge: Assistant Bot

Scenario: Elderly people or people with disabilities require help with cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, and moving around.

Objective: Sketch a unique robot, or design and build your own from one of the JIMURobot kits, a UKIT, or materials you have around the house, that can assist those who are elderly or with disabilities.

If you are drawing the robot please follow the guidelines below:
- Design and sketch your helper robot.
- Label any special features or parts, such as sensors.
- Describe the actions that the robot will do.

Answer the following questions on your drawing or in your video:
1. How will your robot assist the disabled or elderly?
2. How will your robot help those who need assistance with medicine, food, movement, or any type of tasks?
3. What type of locations might also benefit from using your robot? Why?

Take a picture or a video of your labeled robot creation and post it to social media. Tag @ubtechedu or #ubtechedu for a chance to win a JIMU Robot!

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