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Daily Activity Pro Tips

Check out our Daily Pro Tips for keeping students engaged while learning at home.

Each day on social media we will provide a fun daily STEM-themed Pro Tip promoting resources pulled together from all over the education world that supports online and offline activities.

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In case you missed any, below is a run down of previous tips so you can catch up on these free/useful resources for home learning.

Last week's pro tips

Did you know: A male ostrich can roar like a lion. (Source:
Try this: Build a robot, like JIMU FireBot or MyBot from UKIT Intermediate, and program the bluetooth speaker to add tunes, sound effects, or even record your own voice! Don't have a robotics kit? Tell us, how would you design a robot and what sounds would it create?

Did you know: A grizzly bear can run as fast as a horse. (Source:
For our JIMU Robot fans, who do you think would win in a race–UnicornBot or FireBot? ChampBot or DirtBot? MeeBot or Astron? Try this: If you've got a robotics kit at home, set up a race to see who can program their JIMU or UKIT robot to go the fastest.

Did you know: Your eyes process more than 120 million bits of information every second. (Source:
Try this: Our UKITs and JIMU robots include several different sensors that can act as the “eyes” of the robot. What kind of actions can you program your robot to do with the sensors? Don't have a robotics kit? Comment what you would want your robot to do with its sensors!

Did you know: Messages from your brain travel along your nerves at up to 200 miles an hour. (Source:
Brain Teaser: Which piece in the UKIT acts like the brain and which pieces act like the nerves? Explore the UKIT EDU app to find the answer.

Did you know: Your eyes move about 80 times a second!? (Source:
Try this: First, download the free UKIT EDU app (or use your JIMU Robot). Then, using the LED light, like the ones on Trolley from UKIT Intermediate, how many times can you program your robot "eye" to blink in one minute? Share your blinking robot with us!

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