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UBTECH Education Resources for Home Learning

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. For those new to UBTECH or seasoned product adopters, we’ve designed this new space for the purpose of supporting educators and parents with home learning.

We’ve provided a variety of flexible STEM activities across all learning levels. These activities can be easily picked up to support your at-home STEM lesson, fill a creative hour, or build your own professional development for when classes are back in session.

We’re here to support you. If there is any content you’d like to see from us or if you have any activity ideas you’d like to share, contact us at [email protected]

Our resource library includes:

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Teaching AI in K-12: Webinar series

What is artificial intelligence, and what does it mean for education? For this webinar series, hosted by UBTECH Education curriculum experts, we take a deep dive into AI4K12’s Big Ideas in AI and provide educators with tools to make AI relatable and practical for students of all ages. We touch on a different core concept of AI and introduce a fun interactive tool and activity that helps make the concept real and approachable.

Webinar resources:

Click here to view recordings of all the webinars and to download the presentation resources.

Brush up on the history of AI. This presentation gives an overview of AI and helps us answer the question: Why is it important to teach AI in the classroom?

Daily activity pro tips

We’re on social! Each day we will provide a fun daily STEM-themed pro tip promoting resources pulled from all over the education world that supports online and offline activities.

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We will also provide a weekly rundown to make sure you have a one-stop shop to find these free/useful resources for home learning. Check out previous pro tips.