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Robotics, Coding and Engineering

Ready to start a journey exploring robots? This is the introduction to learning the basics of programming, engineering and robotics.

Students start by building and programming basic robots to do simple tasks and quickly progress to designing more complex robotic creations that will get them excited about engineering. Students learn the basics of programming by developing computational thinking skills through fun, hands-on exploration and troubleshooting in the context of real-world scenarios. Students work towards designing and building their own robot that they will share on the last day. This club is perfect for students who want to jump into robotics and coding in a fun, low-key environment. In addition to focusing on robotics, students also dive into the fundamentals of AI by participating in an AI activity.



Students will:

  • Explore basic engineering, coding and robotics concepts and how they relate to the real world
  • Use modern tech tools (UKIT app, UKIT robots, computers) 
  • Participate in the engineering design process by iterating on robotic design 
  • Learn basic programming elements and practice computational thinking skills

Tech Requirements:

  • iOS, Android or Chromebook device with UKIT EDU app installed
  • Computer with webcam, microphone and Zoom web conferencing ability
  • Reliable internet

Course Includes:

  • UKIT Beginner robotics kit 
  • Access to virtual club including 4 live virtual sessions (90m each week), 2 optional enrichment sessions (60m each) and multiple offline activities
  • Accredited STEM Instructors
  • Course cost is $378 per session and includes all fees + product

All sessions for this class are full.

Please check back to ubtecheducation.com for future programs.

UKIT Beginner Configurations:

Check out the pre-designed robots you can build with the UKIT Beginner kit.  These are just the beginning – build these or create your own!


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