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Are you a parent or educator looking for STEM, Robotics, or Programming supplemental activities for your educational POD or micro school?


Let UBTECH Education do the work – Introducing Club:ASPIRE Group Packs

We’re making sure students everywhere don’t lose their STEM edge with a weekly enrichment program to supplement virtual or hybrid school attendance.  Our options for all types of educators or organizations are complete with everything needed to create and execute unique virtual enrichment sessions.  Club:ASPIRE allows students to continue their interest in STEM topics like building real robots and programming in a safe setting.

Our Club:ASPIRE program is also cognizant about screen time, balancing virtual teaching sessions with offline activities that promote imagination, decision making, and computational thought processes. Core subjects are the priority, but we’re also here to help round out every day learning with fun STEM learning that keeps kids at the top of their classes.

Why use Club:ASPIRE for your STEM Learning:

  • Club sessions are held weekly with 60 to 90 minute virtual learning combined with hands on building, coding and offline activities that encourage critical reasoning and computational thinking while away from the computer screen
  • The Club:ASPIRE Group Pack comes with the option of three or six robotics kits that students use for hands-on building.
    • Recommended usage is 2:1 — two children to one kit  
  • Our accredited teachers lead the custom sessions and can work with different types of educational POD or home school structures to ensure seamless learning 
  • Using the apps developed by robotics experts at UBTECH, students use either the UKIT EDU or JIMU app to build and code their robotic creations (please check device requirements prior to enrollment)
  • Offline activity packets and kit sanitization guidelines included to ensure a well rounded experience for all participants in your group.

All-in-One Group Pack with Flexible Learning Times 

Your Club:ASPIRE Group Pack  comes with:

  • A three or six pack of robotics kits for your group (depending on size and need)  
  • Custom timing and exclusive Zoom class with Club:ASPIRE educator for your group
  • Instructions on how to set up your exclusive Club:ASPIRE session 
  • Packet of offline activities to encourage offline student work  

Learn more about UKITs or our JIMU Robot ChampBot Kit by clicking on the image. 


Club:ASPIRE Group Packs are suggested for kids ages 8+ who can range from either beginner programmers or more experienced in STEM learning. 


How to Purchase a Group Pack:

  • Select the Beginner or Intermediate and 3 or 6 Group Pack on the preferred week of your group’s custom Club:ASPIRE session on the schedule here
  • Complete the purchase with our scheduling partner, HiSawyer and receive confirmation email with directions on next steps post purchase.
  • You will be contacted within 72 hours by a member of Club:ASPIRE directly to discuss which class preferences, number of students, timing, and all other details to ensure your group session goes smoothly.


Pricing for the Club:ASPIRE Group Packs


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