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Camp ASPIRE Now Accepting Enrollments

Extend Your Camp:ASPIRE Experience

For students who participated in Camp:ASPIRE, congratulations on your new-found STEM skills and knowledge! We hope you enjoyed learning about building robots and real-world STEM applications as much as we enjoyed sharing them with you. The sky’s the limit with what you can now learn, invent and accomplish, and on this page you’ll find ideas to grow your knowledge even further.

For parents and students who have yet to experience Camp:ASPIRE, we hope this page gives you a peek into the fun with STEM that our campers enjoy. Not all of the Extension Ideas posted here require UKIT hardware, so feel free to try them and get a sense of the thought-provoking and skills-expanding topics that make up Camp:ASPIRE. If these sound like fun, please consider registering for a class!

Either way, check back every Friday through August for a new Camp:ASPIRE Extension Idea that gives you more to think about, brainstorm, problem-solve, and build. All summer long and for many years to come, keep ASPIRE-ing to grow your mastery of STEM!

Your Dream Personal Assistant

Every day we’re confronted with little problems and annoyances that we wish we could fix: did you forget to set your alarm and you woke up too late? Is your room a bit too messy and you can’t find your favorite t-shirt you wanted to wear? Or maybe your mom or dad is reminding you yet again to feed the cat – wouldn’t it be great if she could feed herself?


Extension Idea:

For this Extension Idea, brainstorm and write a list of 5 to 10 little problems or annoyances that happen around your house, neighborhood, or school. For each item on your list, ask yourself, could this be solved by a robot personal assistant? If so, what would the robot do?

Next, pick 1 of the problems or annoyances on your list – maybe it’s your favorite example or the one that’s most annoying. Draw a picture of the robot that could solve this problem. Questions to ask yourself as you’re drawing:

1. What function(s) does each part of your robot perform?
2. Does your robot have a personality? What is it like? Does it have a name, too?
3. What would be the most difficult part of the robot to build?
4. If you sell your robot, how much would it cost? (Think about the cost of the individual parts, and how they add up!)

If you’d like to send us a photo of your drawing, we’d love to see it! Please share it with us @ubtechedu #ubtechedu