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Camp:ASPIRE Toolkit for Educators

Lead virtual coding & engineering camps this summer alongside real robotics kits

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UBTECH Education and the STEM Ecosystems are excited to offer Camp:ASPIRE – a summer program of week-long experiences that immerse students in robotics and engineering. Camp:ASPIRE helps students stay engaged in a productive way at home, learning critical STEM skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and invention to prevent the summer slide and prepare students for the Fall semester. 

The Camp:ASPIRE Toolkit for schools/districts includes everything educators need to lead their own virtual summer camp program. You’ll be up and running in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Sign up below to get more info!

Why use Camp:ASPIRE for your summer program:

    • Camps are led over 5 consecutive days (Mon-Fri) 
    • Four fun camp themes are great for beginners to more experienced students, and cover relevant themes kids can relate to. Review the camp courses
    • Comes with the building kits that students can keep or return to the school. Learn more about UKITs.  
    • Is an effective learning mix of two hours each day of live instruction and two hours of offline, hands-on learning with UKITs.
    • High-quality camp curriculum written by content experts works online for the summer or offline in the classroom.

All-in-One Toolkit

Your Camp:ASPIRE Toolkit comes with:

  • UBTECH camp curricula for either UKIT Beginner or UKIT Intermediate (Each level comes with 2 camp courses).
  • UKITs for every participating student sent to their homes.
  • Two hours of live virtual professional development training with a UBTECH Specialist.

Educators will feel confident to take UBTECH Camp:ASPIRE Toolkits and customize the curriculum to their own needs!


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