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Camp:ASPIRE Scholarships Available


Underscoring a commitment to help address inequities in STEM education, UBTECH and the STEM Learning Ecosystems are also providing funds that support equitable access to vital STEM learning resources. Up to 10% of revenue from Camp:ASPIRE, with a minimum of $100,000, will be directly reinvested as scholarships awarded to students for whom a summer robotics program would otherwise be out of reach. 

In addition, a portion of revenue from Camp:ASPIRE registrations sold through the STEM Learning Ecosystems will be given back to Ecosystems Communities of Practice around the US, providing valuable funding for future learning initiatives in their communities. It is the shared belief of both UBTECH and the STEM Learning Ecosystems that every child should have access to the STEM education they need for a brighter future. 


To contribute to STEM Ecosystems support of providing scholarships deserving students please click the link below:

Send Kids to Virtual Robotics Camps This Summer


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