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Camp:ASPIRE Course Sessions

We are excited to present an opportunity for kids 8+ this summer with virtual robotics camp sessions. In these unprecedented times, and with a lack of options for parents and educators, new solutions are needed.  Camp:ASPIRE goes beyond learning how to code – we also teach kids how to build and program real robotics from leaders in the education field.


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Beginner Level Courses

Beginner courses are appropriate for students who are brand new to coding and robotics. In these courses, students will be introduced to the mechanics of building simple to more complex robots and will learn how to create basic block-based codes to program servos to take action.

They include:

CampASPIRE UKITS for Beginners

Intermediate Level Courses

Intermediate courses are appropriate for students who are not new to, or have foundational knowledge of, coding and robotics. These courses will introduce more complex builds using new sensors. Students will continue building their programming skills using block-based coding with sensor integration.

They include:

CampASPIRE UKITS for Intermediate

Camp:ASPIRE classes run as a five day program with four hours of work per day. Each class starts on Monday. We have four different beginner or intermediate level courses to choose from that support multiple levels of learners. 

Week long sessions begin on June 15th and run through August 2020.

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We’re passionate about ensuring all kids, everywhere have the opportunity to participate in Camp:ASPIRE.  10% of our registrations are given back in scholarships through the STEM Learning Ecosystems.  Learn more here about these scholarship programs here. 


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